Friday, 20 January 2012

Make a Splash and Splash up an Interior with Bold and Bright Rugs

This year rugs for your interiors seem to be evolving more than ever. It’s fun and easy to make a rug the focal point in a room or add a bright rug for a great accent. 2012 seems like the right time to bring in stylish rugs that become an instant favorite. The reason why? There are so many trendy rugs that everyone loves because designers are having a ball coming up incorporation new patterns, colors, and textures.

Color Splashed Patterns

Fabulous rooms drenched with color stand out because designers are no longer afraid of having fun with color. Whether you decide to decorate a space with oriental, floral, or shape pattern, bright colored rugs can be found everywhere. A rug not only is a function floor piece to sink your toes into, but it becomes a work of art with its stylish patterns and bursts of color! Place your sofa and surrounding chairs on or near a trendy patchwork quilt made with fun colors such as cobalt blue, hot pink, turquoise, and more.

Fashion Inspired Rugs

Do you know that the fashion world plays a huge part in defining the rug trends as well? It seems like whatever you see on the runway usually in some way or another ends up as a delightful rug pattern. Designers go after creating statement rugs that are eye catching. Find a floral rug with large flowers that seem to come to life on the floor or discover round shapes of different colors that echo a recent frock seen on the runway from Juicy Couture, for example.

Bright and Bold Rugs

Going along with the fashion realm, this year you’ll also encounter Oriental carpets and rugs designed with bright colors. Stripe and block patterns that have a lot of color also pull together a look and seem to pop as a focal point in a room with many surrounding neutrals. Triangles, circles and squares come across modern and playful, perfect for a living room or bedroom space. It’s fun to experiment with trend-setting rugs that seem to come straight off the runway.

Bio: Sierra is a freelance writer and blogger. She loves discovering all of the current interior design trends and sharing them with readers.