Friday, 13 January 2012

Accessorise your home

If your home is lacking in visual aids and spaces are looking a little empty, fill them with beautiful displays of photo frames and tealight holders. Home displays are relatively cheap and can add a whole new look to your home.

Candle tealight holders are great when you are looking to add ambiance to your home. Candle displays are becoming an increasingly popular option for adding a beautiful aroma and an element of warmth to the rooms in your home.

If you have a small surface that is lacking decoration, but is too small to add a lamp, vase or photo frame, create a display of candles instead. Place a selection of candles of various shapes, sizes and colours in the centre to add a beautiful feature piece.

Tealight holders are available in a wide range of styles, from glass, wood silver or ceramic. Tealights will need to be brought to place inside them which come scented or unscented. They often come in bags with many so you won’t have to keep buying them every time they run out. For a more modern look downlights are a fantastic accessory. When coupled with energy friendly LED bulbs they add a wonderful mood to any room. For more information on GU10 LED bulbs visit

Bring the outside in with rustic wooden tealight candle lanterns made from natural birch bark. Wonderfully effective when lit and great for the garden or hanging in trees. Because they are made from wood, each and every one has its own unique pattern and texture.

Gather together your most beautiful candles and tealights to make an eye-catching table centre piece or sideboard display with a decorative glass candleplate. Glass candleplates come with pretty designs such as floral lace and attractive edging.
To give your home a new look, adding new accessories is a fast and easy alternative to decorating. Buy items that won’t collect dust and clean easily. If your home has a country cottage feel, wooden photo frames can add to the theme.

Wooden photo frames add character to your home. Whether you have one special photo or a collection of your favourite pictures, wooden photo frames will show them off. They are available with single or multi apertures and in various colours.

Stylish wooden photo frames are often crafted from reclaimed wood found in old homes. Put together by hand and then painted with several layers of water based paint. Once dry it is rubbed back to reveal the natural wood to give it and aged look.

The important thing to remember when accessorising your home is not to overdo it. De-clutter first and then buy one piece at a time and not all at once.

Buy sensibly and shop around. Check charity shops and pound shops. If you already have wooden photo frames but you no longer like them, rub them down and paint them. Tealight holders can also be spruced up with spray paint and beading from craft shops.

Fill empty space and create a new look in your home with beautiful displays.

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