Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Decorating With Mirrors

I think decorative mirrors are like the little black dresses of the decorating world. The one piece of clothing that everyone has hanging in their closet, looks good on all shapes and sizes, and with not too much effort, can make something ordinary look like a million bucks. Whether your style is traditional or modern, decorative mirrors and the LBD are an essential "must have" for this season and beyond. Here are just a few ways a decorative mirror can dress up the look in your home.

1) Change the Size

Much like the perfect LBD, mirrors can change people's perception of how big or small a thing is. You know how you can have not lost a single pound, but when you put on a LBD, people always comment on how thin you look? Well, it's the same thing with using a mirror in your room, but in the opposite direction. You may not have added any square feet to the room, but that mirror is going to make it look bigger. It's absolutely true about the age-old adage that mirrors help to make small rooms appear and feel larger. (Just as we know the color black makes you look thinner and white makes you look like you have spent a week at the beach!) Mirrors bring light and depth into a room by highlighting color and downplaying dark corners. Be sure to place mirrors on a wall opposite the window wall and see how the light is multiplied throughout the rest of the room.

2) Affordable

You don't have to spend a fortune to look amazing in your LBD, and the same stands for using decorative mirrors in your home. There are so many different ways that you can use mirror. From hanging a group of vintage mirrors that you have gathered from thrift stores, to a high-end marble framed mirror, there is a mirror for every room and budget.

3) Hide Blemishes

We all have those little tiny features of our bodies that we would rather people not focus on, and the same goes for your home! Mirrors can help hide blemishes on your walls that you might not want others to see when they come into your home. Cracked walls, uneven surfaces, or even an old fuse box can be quickly covered and dressed up with a mirror.

4) Versatility

Part of the beauty of the LBD is that it can be dressed up or dressed down, and the same is true with decorative mirrors. As long as you are mindful of the rest of your room's personal style when picking out a decorative mirror, your room will be all the better for it. For example, if your style is contemporary, use something with clean lines and solid colors, whereas, if you are looking for a Mexican Riviera vibe, go with something containing vibrant colors and ornamentation. Mirrors, like art, should blend with the other pieces in your home, and become part of your personal design style. Just like your LBD.

This guest blog post was written by MirrorMate Frames®, which offers information on how to frame a mirror by attaching beautiful frames to boring, builder grade mirrors. This mirror framing system, frequently used on a bathroom wall mirror, can be installed in 20 minutes and comes in over 65 different frame styles to complement any type of d├ęcor.