Monday, 16 January 2012

Kitchen Styling

Remodeling you kitchen is a fun, exciting process that first starts with your idea of the perfect kitchen. If you’ve been thinking about remodeling, you’ve probably flipped through the pages of glossy magazines looking at the beautiful kitchens on the pages. With hundreds of lovely and unique kitchen styles, it can be difficult to narrow down the choices. To simplify things, think about the four major design schemes and which one you like best. From there, it becomes much easier to design your dream kitchen.

These kitchens are always classic and refined. These kitchens are timeless and are designed to suit the modern family. With plenty of counter space and ample seating, these kitchens will never go out of style. The two types of traditional kitchens are Victorian and Colonial. Victorian kitchens often feature a palette of cool neutrals, creams and blues and have a feminine feel. Crown molding and ornate ornamentation are common as are antique and decorative silver accents. The Colonial, is a more masculine counterpart and features earthy colors like rusty reds, warm browns, with pure white details. It’s simple and practical with stone countertops and wide plank floors.

These kitchens are comforting and homey. The color scheme is always light and approachable and flows easily with the design of most homes. There are three styles here, including French Country, Farmhouse, and Cottage. French Country kitchens are reminiscent of Provence and the countryside. Distressed finishes on the cabinets and copper pots give these kitchens a charming, welcoming feel. Farmhouse kitchens are nostalgic and feature details like gingham linens and checkered curtains. Farm collectibles lend flair to these kitchens. The last type is the cottage style. These kitchens are airy, and feature cool palettes with lots of natural light. Cottage kitchens feature light colors and are well suited for nautical details.

Old World

Old World kitchen designs feature stone or dark wood floors. The most notable element of old world style is the emphasis on the range hood, which is often large and ornate. Furniture-like cabinets made of cherry and mahogany serve as storage. Old world kitchens are best accessorized with earthenware, baskets and fresh accents like cut flowers or plants. Rich colors and mosaic tiles make these kitchens feel like you’re in a Tuscan castle.

With influences from Italy and Germany, such as clean lines and high functionality, American contemporary style is easily adaptable to any home. Because they’re foremost functional, these kitchens are great for smaller homes and homes with children. Laminate cabinets and countertops for easy cleaning offer a sleek finish, while tile flooring means durability. Some contemporary stiles take a minimalistic approach, meaning less clutter and cleaning. This style derives its interest with shape and color, as not to add bulk. Monochromatic color schemes with bursts of accent colors and stainless steel appliances finish the look.

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