Thursday, 5 January 2012

Make your Decor Unique with a Personal Touch

If you love to decorate then you’ll know that it’s the personal touches that really make a house into a home. For the last few years TV shows about interior design and selling houses have been trying to persuade us that our homes should be neutral and impersonal. That’s fine if you are trying to sell your property, but if you actually want to live in and enjoy your home then why shouldn’t you decorate it in the way that you like and fill it with the things that you like, rather than following fashion or trying to please others?

How to Personalise your Home

Make your Colours Pop!
We’ve been obsessed with magnolia and dull, neutral decor for far too long. For some reason we all seemed to forget that our homes are designed to be lived in and are not purely a commodity to be sold on and profited from. If you love colour (and who doesn’t?) then don’t be afraid to use it. For those who are a little nervous about being too bold then choose an accent colour and simply paint one wall. Then you can choose accessories that tie in with your colour scheme. You’ll soon see that your room looks far more cheerful and inviting with an injection of colour.
Once you see how well colours work you could try papering an accent wall with a boldly designed wallpaper. There are thousands of different types to choose from including retro styles, pretty florals or ultra modern geometric patterns. Choosing a wallpaper that you love will make your home more individual and reflect your personality.

Personalised Pictures
A great way to make your home unique and to bring a smile to your face whenever you walk into a room is to choose a favourite family snap and have it transferred to canvas. You can have pictures transferred to canvas for as little as £20. You can even have your snaps made into a collage or transformed into a Banksy or Andy Warhol style print, which will look super stylish but still be personal to you.
If you like the idea of transferring your snaps then don’t stop at pictures! You can have your photos printed on all sorts of other household items like cushions, throws, mouse mats, trays and even radiator covers. It’s a great way to add an element of fun and surprise to your rooms and you could also give gifts printed with special photos to friends and family, which makes a fantastic personalised gift for Christmas.

Bring Back the Nick Nacks
Remember when people used to have all their ornaments on show? Nowadays when you visit the average house you’ll see that there are very few ornaments. In fact, many people seem to keep their rooms quite bare, probably thanks once again to house selling and interior design shows. But if you’ve got nick nacks that you love then why not have them out on display where you can see and enjoy them? Or if you don’t have a lot of ornaments then start a collection.

Your home should be about you and your family and the things you love, so if you want a collection of ceramic frogs, antique glass or vintage hats then go for it!
Remember - your home is for you, not for the people who may or may not buy your home in the future. So be bold, be brave and inject some personality into dull and lifeless rooms by making things more personal.