Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Things Expecting Mothers Must Not Forget While Moving

One of the many things moms-to-be abhor to do is relocating. Moving during pregnancy is a unpleasant and challenging. It is always better to seek professional help from a man and van company to plan a safe and stress-free move to your new home. But expecting mothers must take good care of their well being, during the relocation process, even if everything is being taken care of by the moving company.

Though as per gynecologists, you can move furniture in the first trimester, but they do not recommend moving bulky furniture pieces after that. Let someone else do the heavy work for you. Expecting mothers become moody and feel tired more often. So consider hiring movers for packing things. Keep the following tips in mind for relocating, while you are carrying a baby inside your womb.

Plan weeks ahead of the move

Start packing small things weeks before the expected date of moving. Avoid any hurry, as haste makes waste. Do not pack all your rooms in one go. Take frequent breathers while packing, so that you may not feel tired or strain your back. Your belly will grow bigger eventually, so why not prepare for the move weeks before actually moving?

Avoid lifting weight
Even if you are the only person in the home, who knows what and how everything should be done, do not budge anything heavy. You can contribute in the move by suggesting things to the moving professionals or to your family members. Moving heavy boxes and items is highly unsafe for you as well as your unborn baby. As a matter of fact, pregnant women are more vulnerable to neuromuscular injuries.

Drink loads of water
Drink plenty of fluids while preparing for a move, as working hard will make you transpire a lot. If you keep yourself hydrated, you will feel more energetic throughout the moving process. Replenish your body with water frequently, as no matter how less you contribute to the move, you will feel stressed in pregnancy. Dehydration may result in pre-term labor.

Grab a friend for help
Delegate as much work as you can to your friends and family members. Nobody would deny you help, especially if you are pregnant. If you have older children, you can delegate packing tasks to them. Ask your friends to move your furniture and help it load onto the moving vehicles. Assign tasks to people around you and you can give them the required directions.
Moving becomes more stressful, when you move during pregnancy. Take good care of yourselves when you are traveling. Having reached your new home safe and sound, do not try to unpack everything the same day. Leave the unpacking and re-arranging for the movers you hired or other family members.

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