Monday, 31 December 2012

Anything Worth Having is Worth Protecting

Think of everything in your life that has value to you- family, home, autos, other personal property such as jewellery and valuables. Years go into getting these things, and it is a very common phrase to say “I take care of the people and things that are important to me”, but is that really true?

Most people have some type of insurance on some of their things. A home, a car, even life insurance. That is of course an excellent idea. It also is presuming it is okay if they are gone so long as somebody pays to replace them or compensates for the loss of them. Honestly though, that is not taking care of the things of value, it is simply saying so long as I can get another one to replace it then that is just as good.

It is very difficult to be compensated for your great-grandmother’s locket that was given to you. The insurance company, if it is insured at all, still calls it 6 grams of 10 karat gold and will tell you it is worth $125. They may step in after your home is burglarized and give some compensation for physical damages but they are not there in the night when the 30 year old lock is being pried open.

Even basic securities such as a deadbolt lock on your doors do not protect your most important things – you and your family from fire, carbon monoxide, and such things. Also, they do not allow you to check on your property or family while you are away, be it a day trip or 10 days holiday.

If you actually want to take care of the things that have value to you then consider upgrading your security systems to the level of protection that they deserve.

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