Monday, 30 January 2012

Decorating your baby’s windows

Although it might not be the first thing on your mind, the window coverings in your baby’s bedroom can have important implications. The lighting level will affect how well your baby sleeps, for example, as well as affecting the temperature of the room. And of course, safety is a prime concern! Eliminating risks in the environment the baby grows up in is the duty of any parent, and although not often considered, windows and window coverings carry a slight risk. This can be avoided by choosing roller blinds in your child’s room.

The length of some curtains, as well as the bright colours and interesting textures, can be a tempting side for a baby or toddler. If they decide they want to play with the part of the curtain they can reach, there is every risk that they will become tangled in the fabric, or even pull the curtain rail out of the wall. Obviously this should be avoided, and a simple way of doing so is through the installation of roller blinds on your windows. If you order ‘made to measure’ blinds, you can ensure that only the window is covered, and that no tempting overhanging blind is there to be played with.

On another level, roller blinds can be useful in regulating your baby’s sleeping pattern. If blackout blinds are used, then all light can be blocked from the room when it’s time to sleep, regardless of time of day. As mentioned previously, temperature regulation can also be achieved, creating the most comfortable environment for your baby to sleep in.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of roller blinds, though, is the low cost and the wide range of designs available. When there’s a newborn baby on the scene, there are a lot of expenses and interior decor might not seem like a priority, but low cost options like roller blinds can allow you the best of both worlds.