Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How to choose wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are stylish and functional additions to any room. Their unique aesthetic cements their appeal as a window covering of choice in your home, as they can suit most existing decor schemes and furniture. How should you go about choosing the right wooden blinds for your home though?

Here are four useful tips to answer that question:


First and foremost, set a budget and only look at options within that. There’s no point deciding diamond encrusted, gold tinted wooden blinds will suit your decor only to find out they’re hundreds of pounds too expensive. The great thing about wooden blinds, though, is that they’re often a cost effective solution.


Wood doesn’t have to be brown. The blinds on offer will be in a range of colours that will compliment any room. The best course of action is to identify major colour schemes in the room and choose something to match that. Check how the colour looks under different lighting levels as well to ensure it’s suitable.

Operating system

Wooden blinds can be operated manual, or with modern technology. The latter involves remote controlled blinds, which can be opened or closed from anywhere in the home! Not only will this impress the guests, it’s also hugely practical. Being aware of all the options available will help you to make a more informed decision.


The blinds should be made to fit the windows already in your home. This is easily achievable, but must be specified when ordering to prevent mishaps later. Slat size is also important to consider; certain sizes will suit certain rooms (and tastes) better. The best way to determine this is to get some samples and test them in your home before buying and installing the blinds.

With these thoughts in mind when choosing your wooden blinds, you’re sure to make a decision that will improve your room and delight the whole family.