Monday, 19 September 2011

Transforming Your Lounge With Outdoor Decking

Due to the instability of property prices and the current economic climate, many homeowners are deciding to make improvements to their home rather than looking to move. With so many people being caught out in recent years by falling property prices and losing their jobs, there is now an increased trend to renovate rather than relocate. Extensions and conservatories are a popular option, as are porches and loft conversions. However, one improvement that many overlook and which can greatly improve the feel and usefulness of your home’s lounge is that of decking.

Aesthetic benefits

The first and perhaps most obvious benefit that decking provides to your lounge is visual. When installed alongside some French Doors your decking project can greatly increase the light in the room; giving it a more spacious and airy feel. This can be especially beneficial in smaller houses that can sometimes feel a little oppressive. In addition, the decking provides a natural introduction into the garden area, whilst allowing you to enjoy the views from the comfort of the settee.


A decking area that can be easily accessed through your French Doors offers a fantastic place to entertain guests – especially in the summer months. The space effectively increases the size of your lounge; meaning your guests won’t be cramped when you have a social gathering.

In addition the extra space means that more than one conversation can take place; allowing guests to better mingle and the party to go with a swing. If you are a keen barbequer then the decking also means that you can do your cooking without having to leave your gusts to entertain themselves.

A safe space for the kids

Anyone who has young children will know how much they love being outside. However, sometimes we don’t have the time to get out in the garden with them as much as we would like as we try to keep up with the housework. By installing child safe decking you are able to let your young children get some fresh air whilst you get on with some jobs, without having to worry about them falling into a rose bush or getting dirty digging in the mud.

Just be sure to fit a gate with a latch that prevents them leaving the decking and also ensure that spindles are no more than 100mm apart, thus avoiding your offspring slipping through the gaps. You may even want to consider glass panels as seen in the photo above, which not only look great, but also improve safety.

Increasing your property value

The final benefit that installing decking can provide is that of significantly increasing the value of your property. A recent study by one of the UK’s leading property websites revealed that 66% of house hunters are most attracted to homes that have a well maintained garden. The findings also show that beautiful garden area can add about £30,000 to the average house; even more for properties of a higher value. So when you do finally decide the time is right to move on you can consider properties in a higher value bracket for a relatively low outlay.