Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Give Your Home a Weekend Makeover

So, summer is over. The kids are back at school, the nights are getting darker, and let’s face it, it’s getting a little chilly. It’s time to bring in the barbecue, put away the fans, and start planning for autumn.

The changing of the seasons is used by many people as an excuse for a decorating spree, but who has time for those these days? If you can’t afford to take a week off work to strip the wallpaper and lay some new carpets, then why not try this quick and easy home makeover plan.
  1. Start with the kitchen: Clean out the cupboards and declutter the counters. Invest in some attractive bowls, hangars, and boxes to use for storage so that you never have to worry about clutter again. If you have time, you could consider painting the cupboards a different colour – it makes a big difference.
  2. Revitalize the bedroom: Make your bedroom a relaxing place to be. Get rid of those thin summer curtains and replace them with heavy roller blinds that will do a better job of blocking out the winter chill. Move everything that isn’t bed or dressing related out of the bedroom. Less is more in this case – you don’t want any distractions in your bedroom. Replace all the bedding, and treat yourself to some fresh pillows.
  3. Accessorize the living room: Sometimes all that you need to make a room feel different is a change of colour. You can’t feasibly do that with paint, but if you make creative use of throws, roller blinds, rugs, and other accessories, you can re-theme a room in a jiffy. Even better, when spring comes around you can put all the warm and cosy stuff away, and replace it with something refreshing and airy – giving you a second “instant makeover”.
  4. Simple bathroom tweaks: Bathrooms can be high maintenance. Make sure that the tiles are clean, the taps are sparkling, and your bath or shower is freshly rinsed. Often, what drags down the mood in the bathroom is a tatty bath mat or shower curtain. Replace those, and perhaps add matching toothbrush and soap holders, and you should be able to quickly bring some cheer to the room.
  5. Don’t forget the garden: Your garden is the first thing people see when they come to your home. At this time of year, it’s easy to start to let things slide, but don’t. If it’s nice outside, cut the grass and do a little weeding, make sure your paving stones are OK, and then consider planting some hardy plants that will survive until the winter. A neat and trim garden is always a nice sight when you get home from work on a dark night.
    A lot of the above tips may sound like they’re about cleaning up, but in truth it’s amazing what changing a few things, such as roller blinds or shower curtains, can do. A change of colour, and a lack of clutter, is a big deal. Another area where subtle changes make a big difference is smell. If you normally burn incense or candles, consider changing the scent as the seasons change. 
    This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Creatively Different Roller Blinds. James writes on subjects relating to the home and interior design ideas.