Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Give a Hoot About Owl Decor

Owls are the latest trend in the fashion world and often will be seen on simple tees and necklaces. With their adorable big eyes and playful appearance, they are becoming hot in the interior design world as well. They come in various forms, from cookie jars to even an umbrella stand! If you are looking for an owl theme in your kitchen, you can also try a white owl pitcher, which will blend in well if you have your kitchen decorated with neutral colors or maybe you just need a splash of white to break up all of your achromatic color.

Spending money on owl décor items can get pricey at times, so save some of your funds by using Home Decorators Collection coupons. On their site you will also discover some additional owl décor items that will make you give a hoot about how your home will feel. Anthropologie also offers owls that will woo you with their winking eyes and delightful colors. Let owls comfort you from every corner as you look into their mischievous eyes and understand why they are so enticing to own for your home interior.

Wise Ol’ Cookie Jar, Orange – Gear up for Halloween time with a cookie jar to hold your kid’s snacks or maybe just your own cookies and candy! Even when it’s not Halloween this cookie jar would still look spunky and cute in your home. With its bright color and darling personality, a jar like this deserves to be on your countertop all year long.

Owl Umbrella Stand – If you are always misplacing your umbrellas an owl umbrella stand is a wise way to keep track of them and at the same time incorporates a décor item that you love. It’s neutral with its white shade so it won’t stand out, but passersby will definitely recognize it simply because it’s so creative.

Winking Wisecracker Jar – How can you not adore this mischievous and wise as an owl jar? The whimsical colors make this owl jar come to life with its turquoise and light pink color tones. It could easily be the focal point in a kitchen depending on its placement and keep you happy by glancing at its winking eye.

Owl Pitcher – With its charming shape and darling style, this pitcher would go perfectly in a shabby chic inspired kitchen. You might even consider placing it in your bathroom for easy to access to filtered water.

Owl décor may come and go, but you should give a hoot about this trend and make it last in your home. Like roosters, owls may become the next best thing and no matter what the styles in a home may be, if you love owls, then decorate with them to your hearts content.

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