Monday, 5 September 2011

A Guide to Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen can come in all shapes and sizes, making a remodeling project a challenge. Before your remodeling project begins, prepare to be without a kitchen until the final screw is tightened on your project. Although a kitchen remodeling project can often take a good amount of time to complete, the finished project will not only give the homeowner a feeling of satisfaction, but will typically provide an encouraging return on investment should the house ever go on the market. No matter the dimensions or function of your kitchen, a professional remodeling job can transform your space into an area that is unique to your style and practical to your culinary capabilities.

Below are tips that can help transform a boring area into a traditional, trendy or modern kitchen space. No matter the direction being taken, the following will serve as a guide for you as you look to create a total kitchen makeover.

Create a budget

This will determine every other step in the process until completion. Study all of the things you wish to remodel before setting a budget. By doing a little homework early in the process, you can avoid straying away from the original remodeling plan. It is important to decide how the kitchen will be used and why it needs to be remodeled. Is more space being sought? Does the kitchen need more storage or room for guests?

Be accurate

Free remodel calculators are available online to help with how much everything will cost. Consumer reports are available, too. Knowing the rates of floors, cabinets, and other materials ahead of time will be beneficial when remodeling.

Have a vision

If a full remodel is going to occur, the design and plans need to be complete before anything begins. Kitchen design software is available online to help navigate through a look-a-like kitchen to decide where things should go and what they should look like.

Hire a professional

Not all contractors are created equally. A little due diligence will help you quickly decide on the right contractor for your kitchen remodeling project. Review their website, ask for references and make sure they are licensed. A contractor and a homeowner should experience little to no miscommunications during the remodeling process especially if a plan is in place.

Check the products and material

  • Cabinets - If the budget can accommodate, custom cabinets give a unique look with many different styles, materials and hardware available. Resurfacing is also an option for remodeling cabinets. Adding new hardware and color to previous cabinets can help spruce them up as well. This process should take a few days.
  • Lighting - Lighting can change the mood and atmosphere of an entire room. The kitchen is a place where lighting should be executed smartly to avoid kitchen mishaps. You need to be able to see what you are cooking or preparing!
  • Counters - With a wide variety of options available, one is faced with the choice of tile, wood, cement, granite, marble, and many others. Adding new countertops to a kitchen can change the look of a room. Consider price, color and durability of the counters as well as the installation requirements. A contractor will be able assist in providing this information. Hard floors are suggested in a kitchen because of spills.
  • Flooring – There are a number of different options from which to choose when selecting flooring. Tile, Vinyl, Wood and laminate flooring are some of the more popular flooring options during a kitchen remodeling project.
  • Windows - Windows allow natural light into the kitchen and add extra character to a room. Natural light is hard to replicate so take advantage of windows in a kitchen by leaving them open.

Understand payment terms

Every remodeling professional will have their own set of payment terms. However make sure you do not pay for the project in its entirety from the start. The contract will need to layout the payment plan and schedule for the rest of the project. Also, the final payment is not to be paid until everything is complete and to your satisfaction.