Friday, 23 September 2011

Should You Invest In Dining Furniture?

If you take a look around your home the chances are you have a few pieces of really high quality furniture. If you do then you’ll know that paying for quality really counts – especially if you’ve bought cheap furniture from one of the huge stores only to find it’s fallen apart within a few months.
Of course we all love a bargain and although you can dress your dining room up with cheaper items such as cushions, prints and curtains, when you buy cheap furniture it really shows - it’s hard to get a classy look when you’re not willing to pay for it!

Some people view buying good quality dining furniture as a big expense but why not look at it as an investment? If you compare the price of buying a few cheap pieces that will quickly wear out to the price of investing in one high quality dining set that will look great for years to come, it probably works out cheaper to choose the investment piece.

If you’re lucky enough to have a dining room then choosing some amazing dining furniture will really set the space alight. There are so many designs to choose from depending on whether you prefer a traditional or modern look.

If you don’t have a lot of space for dining then you could consider a wooden dining table with acrylic chairs, which will make the space seem much bigger. Or if you’re really brave you can go for an entirely acrylic dining set. Choose a classic look for your chairs such as that made famous by Philippe Starck’s Kong design. The amazing thing about the Kong design is that although the material is ultra modern the chairs look great in a traditional setting and because they’re so unusual they’ll still look great in ten or fifteen years. Starck’s design classic has spawned hundreds of copycat chairs and most are fairly reasonably priced.

If acrylic isn’t for you then you can always chooser high quality wood furniture, but instead of going for the traditional oak you could go for something a bit different such as mango wood.

Mango wood furniture has been steadily growing in popularity over the last decade as a wonderful alternative to more commonly used woods. It has a rich, slightly mottled appearance which gives a warm, homely and slightly ethnic feel to any room.

As well as being truly beautiful and highly durable, most mango wood is responsibly sourced from sustainable forests and usually manufactured overseas by highly skilled craftsmen. That means that most of the mango wood furniture that you can buy online is finished to a very high standard and is in no danger of falling apart. One of the most wonderful things about investing in high quality furniture like this is that you can actually end up with an heirloom that will almost become a part of the family! For that reason alone, investing in high quality dining furniture is always a good idea.