Sunday, 23 October 2011

Curvaceous Kitchens!

I wanted to do my kitchen up recently but this is one area of my house that I have shamefully neglected, so I wasn’t fully clued-up on what I would like; the kitchen doors I wanted, the surfaces, even the colour! A quick online search led me to an awesome looking design though that I immediately knew I wanted!

It’s all about curves! Curved little kitchen islands, curvaceous kitchen doors and smooth, round edges where ones where harsh little corners. I loved the look of this little bubbly-kitchen idea, so took it upon myself to investigate exactly how to achieve this look. I started my search by typing “curved kitchen” into a search engine and absolutely loved the outcome! Curvy little kitchens can be done in all types of typical kitchen materials – from the ultra-modern high-gloss shiny cabinets and kitchen doors to the gorgeous wood doors. I loved the way that these kitchens seemed to flow and put me in mind of softness, comfort and luxury! Combined with a really soft, floral wallpaper and opulent, poufy cushions for my kitchen chairs, my kitchen now looks like a little, white cloud of a haven!

It’s not just all sweetness, girly and light though. If you fancy a kitchen with curves to rival Nigella Lawson you don’t have to have a girly haven – opt for heavy wood kitchen doors in a slightly darker shade or even black ultra-gloss to give your kitchen a bachelor-pad feel. And of course, forego the flowery wallpaper!