Friday, 7 October 2011

How To Add Interest To A Neutral Decor

Everyone knows that it’s the finishing touches that make a home feel like a home. That’s why it’s so important to get your home accessories right.

The objects and ornaments that you keep around you say a lot about who you are, so if you truly want to express yourself through your decor then it’s a good idea to put some thought into the things you choose to surround you.
Many people these days choose to decorate their homes as a blank canvas, which is a great move if you plan to sell your property as most people prefer homes that they can imagine their own belongings in.

However, a blank canvas can be a bit boring when you are living in it every day, but it’s easy to put your stamp on your home and keep the decor neutral by choosing clever accessories.

Choose Accent Colours

One way to do it is to decide on two or three accent colours for your home and keep within those colours when buying accessories. This doesn’t mean that if you choose blue as one of your colours all your accessories need to be exactly the same shade of blue. You can keep within the colour palette but choose blues of different shades to add variety.

A great way to add colour is through items such as cushions, curtains and rugs. These can be relatively inexpensive which means you can change them as often as you want to give your home a new feel. Many people who do this choose to change their curtains or cushions with the seasons. This is a great idea as you can use warmer colours during the winter to give your home a cosier feel and choose lighter colours in the summer for a more airy atmosphere.

Express Yourself

If you’re a fan of bold, modern design then let your home reflect it. Choose modernist prints and sharp, primary coloured accessories to really set your rooms off. If you prefer a more romantic style then fill your home with gorgeous antiques, crystal and cut glass. There’s no reason not to surround yourself with the things that you love.

Change The Atmosphere

You can completely change the atmosphere in the rooms of your home just by adjusting the lighting. If you really want to make an impact you could fit coloured lighting strips around the tops or bottoms of your kitchen units, or replace your light fittings with dimmer switches. For a cheaper and quicker effect try scattering tealights in gorgeous tealight holders around a room. When lit they give a truly magical feel and will almost make your room feel like a completely different space.
However you decide to dress up your neutral decor, remember your home is an extension of your personality, so have fun, experiment and give yourself a treat by filling your home with items that you love.