Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Creating A Relaxing Bedroom Environment With The Right Bedding

Whilst there are those of us that are fortunate enough to enjoy a sound sleep most nights; many often find that their sleeping pattern is interrupted or struggle to drop off. The stresses of modern day life mean that it can be difficult to switch off at the end of the day and we can wake up in the morning feeling more tired than we did the night before. In order to improve your sleeping pattern it is a good idea to try and create a serene environment within your bedroom and your bedding selection can go a long way towards achieving that aim.

An uncomplicated design

In the world of children’s bedding we see many crazy patterns that are designed to draw their attention and spark their imagination. As most children don’t have any worries to keep them awake at night their bed linen can be as busy as it gets without having a detrimental effect. However, adults are much better advised to go for something a little simpler. It is a good idea to go for bedding that is either one colour, or that has two different colours on opposing sides.

If you are keen to add some element of design to the bedding then a wise choice is to try and incorporate some nature, which the human mind instinctively associates with calmness and serenity. Floral bedding remains a firm favourite as do designs involving trees.

For something a little less traditional there is always the option of bed linen that depicts flowing water in the form of rivers or waterfalls. Whichever pattern you do decide on; make sure that it isn’t too busy.

Selecting the colour

Many of the different shades of colour are associated with emotions dependant on the society in which we live. For example; most Western cultures associate the colour red with love, passion and anger.

Research has demonstrated that just seeing the colour red can have a physical impact on the human body and serve to increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Whilst this might make the right bedding colour for some situations; it’s probably not the wisest choice when you are looking for a restful night. Again your best option is to go for tones that are intrinsically linked with nature, such as browns, beiges and greens. Pastel yellows, blues and pinks will also create a soothing vibe.

Quality materials

We all like to make a good saving and it can be tempting to go for cheap bedding options. However, you really do get what you pay for with bedding materials and it is worth paying that little bit extra to get superior products. Whether you are going for cotton, silk or satin bedding sets or Egyptian cotton bed linen; a higher quality material will feel much smoother against your skin and provide a relaxing comfort.

Having the right bedding really can play a huge role in securing a good night’s sleep, which can have a real impact on your energy levels and productivity throughout the day. When you consider that we tend to spend around a third of our lives in bed; paying a few extra pounds to get quality items really isn’t a big deal.