Monday, 10 October 2011

Choose An Oak Console Table To Reinstate Your Living Room

Only a few short years ago most people had telephone tables in their hallway which meant that every time there was a phone call your home had a designated space for taking it. Nowadays with the popularity of mobile phones and landline phones which can be carried around the home, often time taking phone calls seems to encroach on creating a happy and relaxed family environment.

If you’re fed up with teenagers or other family members taking or making calls in your living space there is a quick and simple solution.
If you purchase an oak console table it can easily be placed in a hallway or box room and house your telephone, meaning that phone calls coming in or going out will no longer encroach on your space.

You can say goodbye to disturbances when you’re watching your favourite programme and your teen decides that they must make that all important phone call.
Dinner time can be dinner time again as your dining space won’t be invaded by ringing phones, so you can have better quality time with your family.
There’s a lot to be said for the old tradition of keeping your phone separate from your living space, especially these days when we use technology so much. Particularly when you consider that most of the technology we use only serves to make us more solitary.

Most parents would agree that technology can make it harder to spend quality time with your family. That’s why it’s a good idea to have rules about what happens in different spaces in your home.

When you purchase an oak console table for your hallway then you and your family can all agree that family living spaces are for spending time together, rather than everyone doing their own thing and any telephone conversations can be kept away from the living areas of your home.

If you’re simply looking at ways to save space then an oak console table could be the perfect solution. Console tables are more slimline than conventional tables meaning that they can fit snugly into a small space without encroaching too much on the surroundings. That means they’re ideal for small bedrooms, bathrooms, studies or box rooms. They also work well near front doors as they can be used to store post or other important papers and are an ideal place to pop your keys when you come in.

So reinstate to your living room and encourage your family to spend more time together simply get yourself an oak console table from Cambridge Oak