Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What to Avoid When Making Your Custom Wallpaper

With the relatively new technology of custom wallpaper, there are common mistakes people make that can reduce their enjoyment of their custom designs. Pay attention to these four important aspects when creating your custom wallpaper design and you will get full enjoyment out of your custom wallpaper for years to come.

Make sure you own the rights to the photo or design

To be sure you are not violating copyrights, use your own photos, get permission from the photographer, or purchase an image or design from a stock photo dealer. This will save you from legal issues later.

Make sure the photo has sufficient resolution

Your pictures should be taken with a camera with at least six megapixels, and the higher the better. If you are unsure if your photo will work, send it in to megaprint.com and they can tell you if there will be any issues before your custom wallpaper is printed. If you are buying images online, get the highest resolution possible.

Make sure it is a design you can live with

Before you blow up your photo to put on your wall, be sure that there are no imperfections or out of place details that will bother you once they are expanded and mounted on your wall. Zoom in on your image and check the whole thing for issues that will be distracting on your wall. Also make sure the subject of the photo is appropriate for the setting. You may or may not want to stare at a photo of yourself larger-than-life every day. So put some thought into your designs and you will thank yourself later.

Make sure to get your dimensions correct
Measure your wall or space to be sure that your dimensions are correct. You do not want to have to crop off important parts of your image just to get it to fit on your wall. Remember the old adage; measure twice, cut once. This applies here, get it right to give your custom wallpaper a custom fit.

Zach Ball is an online publishr and interior design enthusiast for www.Megaprint.com and writes articles on the topics of design and printing.