Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Get the Best from your Home Manicure Table

Home manicure tables are a girl’s best friend. No more scrabbling about in bedroom draws for half empty bottles of nail varnish, no more precariously balancing your nail polish on a chair arm as you use a nearby table light to see what you are doing. In short, no more faffing about like an amateur; you have the equipment so now it is time to get serious!

Getting started
First things first; it’s no use having a professional manicure table if you are going to shove it in a corner and pile dirty (or indeed clean) washing on top of it. Make sure your manicure table is somewhere accessible and near a socket. Nothing is going to ruin your perfect nail art like tripping over a trailing wire. The table comes with its own cool storage compartments so use them. Get organised. Make sure you not only have your polish to hand but that you have ample nail files, cotton balls, cue tips and nail varnish remover. If you are into sparkles, diamantes and glitter, get those in the draws too. Now you have your very own manicure table there is no reason not to have everything immediately to hand.

The Perfect Paint Job
The perfect paint job is less about a steady hand (though having one inarguably helps) and more about the right lighting and the perfect painting angle. Use the repositionable lighting and arm rests on you manicure table to get comfortable. If you get cramp halfway through or suddenly need to move you might ruin all your hard work.

Make sure you use a base coat before you add bright colours to your nails. Any colour that is darker than your natural skin tone will stain your nails. Not only that, but a base coat ensures your polish stays perfect and chip free for longer.
Work from the bottom centre of the nail and use long smooth strokes. Don’t worry about a few wobbly lines in your polish – these will soon even themselves out on the second coat.

A Photo(worthy) Finish
Lots of manicure tables come equipped with UV lights and heat lamps. If you have one – use it! These help speed the drying process and ultimately help prevent unsightly smudges and dents in your polish whilst also helping it to stay bright and shiny for longer. However long you think it is going to take your polish to dry, add five minutes.

Perfect no fuss nails every time!