Monday, 6 February 2012

How to Feng Shui your Appliances

Modern Feng Shui

Modern Feng Shui informs that the location of appliances and electrical outlets in the home can generate good or bad luck. The number and placement of electrical devices, accordingly, influences physical well-being, prosperity and harmony among people living in the house.

Digital Cameras and other Mobile Appliances
Appliances that we take from home to carry with us during the day like digital cameras, mobile phones and laptops give off electromagnetic charge. In transporting these devices we need to be mindful of where we carry them on our person and how frequently we use them.

Kitchen Appliances
The kitchen is the only room in the house that commonly contains all the elements of Feng Shui: Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth. This means that the kitchen is an easy place to begin balancing the placement of your home appliances. Technologies that make up the fire element like the Oven, Microwave and Stove should not be positioned opposite appliances of the water element like the Refrigerator and kitchen sink.

Westinghouse fridges come in a range of sizes and shapes for fitting in a correct Feng Shui placement. White and stainless steel fridges match well with wood panelling or timber benches; satisfying the wood element in the Feng Shui landscape.

• Ideally the water element appliances such as water filtration systems and fridges should face each other.
• An important Feng Shui tip for your refrigerator is that it should be regularly cleaned out. Clutter and old food brings negative energy or ‘Chi’.
• Many modern, time-saving kitchen appliances have made the kitchen home to more elements that ever before.
• Modern Feng Shui addresses the issue of arranging numerous appliances by design and placement to correctly orient these devices within our homes.

Appliances in the Bedroom
The bedroom should be a place of quiet relaxation and serenity. Televisions in the bedroom disrupt the peace and produce an electromagnetic field. Bedroom appliances also require extra power cables that disturb the flow of Chi. Power cables and outlets should definitely be kept away from the position of your head during sleep. Digital alarm clocks or mobile phones on the bedside table should be shifted to beyond the length of the bed. Having to get out of bed to switch off the alarm will ensure you don’t keep hitting the snooze button and run late.

Home Office Serenity
The home office is generally the room in the house with the most appliances running at once. The PC, External Hard Drive, Monitor, Speakers, Printer, Telephone, Fax are usually all running or on standby all day and night. The amount of cables and power outlets under the office desk could be having a negative impact on your production levels, health and prosperity.
• Scientific knowledge of the long term effects of continued exposure to high levels of electromagnetic fields is only in early stages.
• Many of our most commonly used electrical appliances have only been available for a short time so conclusive evidence on long term exposure is unavailable.

Entertainment Units
Another area of the house where many appliances are clustered is the lounge room. Keep the couch as far from the entertainment unit as possible and make sure there are no power outlets or cables running close to the lounge chairs.
• A vase of fresh flowers in the living area is very good Feng Shui; it is thought to bring life and abundance to your home.
• Larger potted plants can be placed to balance energy flow and bring harmony into a room with many electrical appliances.