Monday, 6 February 2012

How to Make Money out of Storage Auctions

Many people take to storage units all over the world that are a great solution to space saving problems, where they are charged in order to store their belongings. However if the rent is not paid on time, a tenant is not allowed to pick up his belongings from the house until he pays the rent.If however, a tenant is still not able to pay, all the stuff in the storage unit is put up for auction. These auctions also take place in the event of sudden deaths and divorce cases also where people put all their belongings into the hotchpot. Such an auction is called a storage auction.

Though the auction of someone else's belongings does not offer a very pleasant site to an onlooker, these storage auctions are an excellent option to make quick and easy money. However, it is not an easy task and requires a lot of careful research, sagaciousness combined with a good luck.

This business offers a lot of advantages to everyone. For example, this business does not necessarily require an experience and even someone who is new in the field can do exceptionally well, provided that person has good discerning abilities. Another advantage of this business is that one does not need to quit an existing job or a business. These storage auctions are usually held on weekends or during evenings when it is possible for most of the people to attend. Also this business is recession proof, in fact it flourishes more during economically low times as people have no jobs and hence no money to pay rent, which leads them to be evicted from the storage units much more frequently than normal times.290

A few simple tips shall go a long way in guiding us to perfection in this business. We must always confirm about the auction before we leave as most auctions do get cancelled in the event of the tenant paying back the rent and matters getting resolved. One must always be 10-15 minutes early for an auction.
Also, one must never go by the size of the unit as it is a very misleading notion. On getting a chance to peer in and have a look inside the unit, we must observe very carefully and mentally make a note of the customer and try to judge the value of goods depending on the kind of person the customer was. It is also advisable to go for these storage space auctions when there are many auctions happening in a close range of area, as it ensures a lesser crowd and comparatively less competition from the bidders.

Sometimes the belongings that we incur during these auctions also can be re-auctioned again and give us multiple gains. With careful research and planning, one can earn quite a-lot of profits. There have been examples of cases where people have found discarded shoe boxes full of treasure after paying meagre amounts for the London storage units. There have also been cases where people have paid a lot of money and finally ended up with nothing but used shoes and stacks of dirty clothes.

Hence these few simple tips along with a piece of luck shall go a long way in helping us earn some easy side money from time to time and hence one can easily be adept at this business and conciliate huge gains.However one must be cautious as well as these auctions are nothing less than a gamble. So we may lose a lot if luck does not favour us.


This article is about the various money-making techniques out of the storage auctions. The article suggests very practical tips on how to earn money the easier way by avoiding the common blunders we make in such situations. Its not so easy to earn money off storage units auctions but one can earn easily by being cautious and at the same time very astute. Hence one can start off with earning huge money right from the start as a person with less experience can earn as good as someone who has been practising this since a long time. However, this is not just based on good discerning abilities and presence of mind but also on luck and the fellow bidders. However we must keep the competitive spirit within us at a bay as these auctions are not about competing, but about business.