Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Brighten Up Your Home In The Winter Months With Cheap Curtains

Following a glorious few days at the end of September, summer now seems as distant memory and the UK has been lashed with rain and buffeted by high winds. The nights are drawing in sooner and it won’t be long before we are all making our way home from work in the dark. At this time of year many people start to suffer from seasonal affective disorder, which can leave them feeling miserable and lethargic.

A great way to keep your spirits up in the winter is to brighten up your home with the use of cheap curtains.

The concept

Due to the fact that it is darker for longer during the winter months; we tend to have our curtains drawn for longer periods. This of course makes the interior of our home darker, which is exacerbated further if your curtains are made from darkly coloured materials.

By changing your curtains to brighter shades you can greatly improve the vibe of the room. As curtains are usually quite large, they not only brighten that particular area, but also increase lighting throughout the rest of the room through reflection.

Considering the cost

Of course, winter is a particularly expensive time of year. Many of us will be faced with the cost of buying Christmas presents, in addition to more expensive heating and lighting costs. This could leave you questioning whether new curtains are a viable option at this time of year. However, if you have a good shop around you can find cheap curtains that shouldn’t cost you more than about £35, with some options costing as little as £20. That isn’t really too much when you consider it could have a big impact on your mood right through the winter period.


You may of the impression that the range of cheap curtains available to you might be quite limited due to the price. However, there are many different styles, colours and designs they should be within your price range.

The simple plain cream curtains above are a great choice in that they will really maximise the amount of light that is reflected back into the room. In addition the light faux silk material is light and breezy, which can help evoke the feeling of warmer months.

If you prefer a busier design then you might want to consider a striped theme as seen above. The contrast of red, beige and cream helps to keep the mood of the room feeling light and fun. Adding matching cushions is a great way of integrating the curtains into the rest of the room’s decor, without spending a fortune.
There are of course many other designs that can be as equally as uplifting from, floral to oriental themes. Whatever decision you decide to go for in your cheap curtains; be sure the fabric is vivid in colour and has a cheerful pattern.