Monday, 15 August 2011

Tips on Improving the Design of Your Home to Make it More Alluring

Are you tired and bored of living in the same house? Buying a new house can’t be an option for most people as that would require a high financial investment, so that next best alternative is to improve the place where you are living and remodel it so that it becomes more beautiful and interesting. It is not necessarily that you have to spend a large sum of money and buy costly new home decorating items to make your house look better. There are quite a number of ways within your budget that you can use to make your house look new again. Take a look at these home improvement tips that you can use.

  1. Paint your house – You will be surprised what effect a new coating of paint can have on your rooms. You can rev up the look of your dull room with bright splashes of paint. You can use the idea of highlighting a particular wall and color coordinating the other walls with it.
  2. Use wall papers – In general if you use poster to decorate the walls of your rooms then you can break the monotony of single colored walls. However, posters, especially big ones are pretty costly. Hence you can use wall papers instead posters to decorate the various rooms of your house. You can even use theme based wall papers to decorate particular areas such as the kitchen or if you have a mini bar at your place, you can put a wall paper with pictures of wine bottles and glasses.
  3. Change the upholstery of furniture – Buying new furniture to decorate your house would be a tad bit too costly. Instead you can change the upholstery of your furniture and replace old cushion covers and couch covers with new bright ones. You can try and change the curtains too. Choosing a shade that contrasts with the wall color can go a long way in making your room look brighter. You can even try changing floor carpets in order to give your rooms a new look.
  4. Try and invest in few good decorative items – You can buy few good decorative items for each room to make them look more beautiful. For your bedroom you can try soft lacy cushions in muted colors and scented candles along with a nice bedside lampshade or bedside stand.
The above tips can help in designing your home and improving the look of it within quite reasonable costs.