Monday, 22 August 2011

Decorating a Home Inspired by Travels

Do you love to travel? From France to Italy, Ethiopia and beyond, someone who loves seeing new places might never want to return home at the end of a trip. Why not bring memories of your travels home so you can reminisce until next time? Use these memories as inspiration when you are decorating your home's interior. There are many ways to decorate a home inspired by travels; these are just three ideas.

Shop for Decor While Traveling

Pick up decorating items from some of your favorite cities or regions during your travels. For example, visit flea markets or similar regional markets and shop for unique art pieces, dishes, and so on. The items you find do not necessarily have to be new. The only requirement is that you love them. Upon returning home after each trip, clean your flea market finds if necessary, and find places in your home for them. Another idea is to commission custom made items from the local craftspeople. To avoid clutter and to highlight your new decor, you may need to remove other decorations that have nothing to do with your travels.

Take Inspiration from a Favorite Destination

Do you just love the atmosphere in a French bistro? Recreate that feel in your own kitchen, where you can sip coffee and eat a croissant, without ever realizing you already left Paris. Hang French-inspired artwork and choose sophisticated decorations. Choose your favorite travel destination and decorate a room - or the entire house - so it feels like you are traveling all the time, even when you are still at home.

Integrate Two to Three Styles in One Room

It may be difficult to choose just one favorite travel location. Do you have several favorites? Try integrating pieces from two or three of your favorite destinations together in one room. For example, use the textures and patterns of a particular African culture as inspiration for the textiles in your home. Then integrate the sleek, clean lines you likely have seen in many European homes. It is almost never a bad idea to mix and match textures and finishes in a home.

If you love to travel, use a trip's experiences to help inspire decor ideas for your home. Shop for decor while traveling, integrate some of your favorite styles into each room, or take inspiration from a favorite travel destination. Once your home has been personalized with memories of worldly travels, you might actually begin to anticipate returning home.

Heather Johnson writes for Honeymoon Destinations, the best honeymoon research and planning website. Discover some great honeymoon ideas today!