Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How to Show Off Your Home with Lighting

An essential part of choosing your home decor is planning the lighting arrangements you will use in your home.

Showing off your home with lighting can be achieved in many ways, from installing a complex system of electrical lights to simply opening your curtains! Many people choose to combine natural and electrical lighting to make their home look beautiful and show it off to the fullest extent.

Using Natural Lighting in Your Home

Natural lighting can be of enormous benefit to your home. It can make a room look bigger, elevate your mood and make your interior decoration and furnishings really stand out.

There are many tricks you can use to maximise the natural light in your home. Hanging a mirror opposite a window will reflect light and increase its potential within your home. You could also use glass within you home – for example, in table tops – to allow natural light to penetrate more fully.

Your choice of window covering will determine how much natural light is able to come in. If you’re concerned about privacy, net or lace curtains will allow light into your home whilst at the same time preventing people from seeing in. Textured or reflective glass windows will also achieve the same effect, but can be pricey to install.

Using Electrical Light in Your Home

Showing off your home with electrical lighting can be as simple as a well placed lamp or as complex as installing a light feature using spotlights and LED lighting.

Spotlights can be of particular use if you want to highlight a particular feature in your home. They can also be placed in unusual locations for innovative practical use, such as on your staircase. LED Spotlights by Energenie are a perfect example of spotlights which can be easily incorporated into your home for a variety of purposes.

Lighting in your home should be used both to highlight and create a mood. Consider using dimmer switches to create different atmospheres in your home, or mixing pendant lights with lamps and spotlights to create several different lighting areas within each room, to show off your home for maximum effect.